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At StoryCollab we believe that stories are exceptionally versatile and powerful tools for addressing almost any organization’s goals. We offer a variety of informational webinars where you can learn more about digital storytelling and podcasting, our processes, and how different kinds of participatory media creation can benefit your organization, community, or agency.

Upcoming Webinars

Digital Storytelling for Organizations and Agencies

●     Tuesday, September 24, 1:00 EST

Join this one-hour introduction to learn more about our process and why digital storytelling is a versatile tool for a variety of organizations. As you combine the issues that are important to you with the lived experiences of the storytellers, your organization’s mission will come to life. We will review how digital storytelling is being put to use in the fields of social justice, education, health and human services, disability, leadership development, cultural organizations, environment, and more. In this webinar, we share our professional approach to personal storytelling, watch example stories, highlight past Collabs, and answer your questions.


Digital Storytelling for Colleges and Universities

●     Tuesday, June 25, 1:00 EST
●     Tuesday, January 7, 2025 1:00 EST

Digital storytelling is a powerful way to foster creativity, design thinking, and multimodal authoring in education. In this webinar, we discuss how StoryCollab’s approach to digital storytelling helps students better understand themselves and connect to the information they are learning. We will also address the implementation of storytelling and 21st-century digital literacy skills across curricula, including STEM disciplines and the humanities. During this one-hour informational session, we will watch sample stories, discuss past educational Collabs, and address your questions. 


Digital Storytelling for Public Health

●     Wednesday, October 16, 1:00 EST

Combining digital storytelling with public health initiatives is a compelling way to draw attention to health concerns such as cancer, HIV, diet, testing, substance use disorder, and preventative medicine. When individuals share their lived experiences, they connect with audiences on a personal level. Join us in this one-hour webinar as we summarize our approach to digital storytelling and the ways the stories that emerge from our workshops and Collabs have been used to reach, educate, and advocate for specific audiences.


Introduction to Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

●     Thursday, November 7, 1:00 EST

Podcasting is one of the most affordable and fastest-growing ways for your company, school, or nonprofit to share its stories. Many cultural organizations, university departments, and other groups now produce their own custom podcasts to further their missions and connect with and build their audiences in new ways. Join us as we summarize our narrative approach to podcasting and the ways personal stories can be used to reach specific audiences. During this one-hour informational webinar, we will listen to some sample episodes from our Collabs, discuss past projects, and address your podcasting questions.


Digital Storytelling for Environmental Impact

●     Tuesday, July 9, 1:00 EST

As environmental impacts on our lives increase, activism and education are more vital than ever. Traditional and individual lifeways hang in the balance as food deserts, pollution, and climate change impact communities across the world. Join us as we discuss how digital storytelling can elevate individual stories to effect awareness and change. In this webinar, we will share our professional approach to personal storytelling, watch example stories, highlight past Collabs, and answer your questions.


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